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Ever hooked one straight through the peeper⁉️ Comment below with the weirdest way you’ve hooked one❗️Thanks @martyfishing for the photo❗️

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Shout Outs
  • Brian Webster
    Brian Webster

    While flipping docks I hooked a catfish right through the dorsal fin. Thought I had a 7 or 8lb bass. Got it up and was like how did I manage that. My buddy and insert laughing. Removed hook and tossed back. Never know what’s going to happen

  • Elias Deitrick
    Elias Deitrick

    Caught a bass on a crankbait…..but the crankbait caught braid that the bass had in its mouth when it ate a soft bodied frog like a ribbit. Couldn’t help the bass out with the ribbit but i cut the braid for it!

  • Joshua

    I once caught a fish that bit a lure I was fishing with (it was one of the little rebel craws), snapped it off threw on a rattle trap he hit it and I caught it through the split ring on the rebel craw. 5-5.5lbs

  • Chris

    Caught a blue gill one time like a lasso around its mouth hook didn’t go in anywhere, just tangled the line around his mouth tight enough to hold him on to the line and out of the water

  • Aprill Sasser
    Aprill Sasser

    Treble hook on a popper went through the middle top lip, then through the bottom lip in a perfect triangle on a blue gill. Wasn’t the easiest to get out but looked like it was perfectly placed purposely.

  • Wesley

    Yes years ago when I was just kid fishing on a pond across the street from my dads house it was a bluegill and is what I ended up doing is pulling that sucker right on out eyeball and all and yes the fish did survive and I released back into the pond that I caught it out of.

  • Hayley Adams
    Hayley Adams

    A few years ago, I was out fishing with a friend and I somehow hooked a crappie in the eye. I don’t know how it happened but it did. As soon as I went to pick up the fish so I could gently pull the hook out, it flopped a couple times and managed to get back into the water. Unfortunately, it left its eye behind. So after that happened, every time I would go fishing at that spot, if I caught a crappie, I would check to see if it had one eye.

  • connor

    The first time I went fly fishing, I caught a 2 and a half inch blue gill through the eye and the eye only.

  • David Vazquez
    David Vazquez

    While i was fishing in a river in Puerto Rico i thought my line was stuck on a rock. I was pulling all different angels to avoid breaking the line. I finally got it loose so i reeled it in and i found a small fish the size of my pinky hooked in the abdomen. The link below is the picture.

  • Adam Pierce
    Adam Pierce

    I was jigging with a jigging rap for walleye or crappie or whatever bites it but anyways i was just jigging away and felt like something small was on the line and didn’t feel right. Brought it up and it was about a 2-3 inch perch with the hook through the guts.

  • Taylor Dalton
    Taylor Dalton

    Hooked the smallest bass I’ve ever seen right through the back strap!

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