Fishing Lizards | A Bass Anglers Top Tips and Tricks


Fishing Lizards | Tips and Tricks|

Fishing Lessons come from both seeing things for what they are and seeing things differently. We have several of these lizards living in the folds and crevices of our back yard cinder block fences (don’t be afraid of them, and don’t kill them – they are bug eaters). We call them “Lazarus Lizards’. Like one of Christ’s miracles, I asked Lazarus to “Come Out”.

Lizards, like fish, are cold blooded creatures, where they must physically warm up before they move. Then, with more and more warmth from the Sun, they begin to move in spurts with long pauses in-between. What should this tell us about Lizard Bait Presentation – or any other bait for that matter?

Whether from season to season, time of day, shade from any source, influx of water current, or water column depth – If the water is cold move your baits very little with long pauses between twitches. As “things” warm up make the spurts longer, but still pause the bait longer.

As indicated earlier, fish are also cold blooded. When fish find their environment cold for any reason, they won’t be as active as if it were warmer. Point being, we have to adjust our bait presentations to fit the natural environment or we won’t be as successful as we would like. . . we will either scare the fish away, or inadvertently pass them by without nudging them into striking.




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  • Logan Dean
    Logan Dean

    I have tried fishing a lizard but haven’t have great luck. I have caught a few small ones but nothing to brag on.

    • Zachary

      Many factors could play into this one but when I use a lizard I retrieve it back in certain patterns depending on where the sun is, the under-water structures, and time of day. I always drag on bottom though never close to the surface.

    • Brady Allen
      Brady Allen

      I have learned from the years of fission losers are very versatile and a goodbye to try out for anybody water I have caught some giants on lizards but I have caught s good few dinks off of all brands of lizards they work great for a suttle presentation

  • Travon Walker
    Travon Walker

    This is very true. I myself, am still struggling with winter fishing. But lately I’m finding that lures that land close and make an easy prey. but any slow moving lure works.

  • Avery Christenson
    Avery Christenson

    Lizards are a great trick for fishin beds, some lizards are known to prey on fish eggs are are enemy number 1 for a bass protecting a bed. Use this trick to your advantage when a bass doesn’t care about your jig or other finesse baits.

    • Chris Beard
      Chris Beard

      I like this idea thanks I’ll use this bed fishing this year I usually use creature baits or bluegill profiles but sometimes those don’t work a small lizzard may tho

  • Galen Citron
    Galen Citron

    great post!

  • fish finder reviews
    fish finder reviews

    Thanks for publishing this awesome article. I’m a long time reader but I’ve never been compelled to leave a comment. I subscribed to your blog and shared this on my Facebook. Thanks again for a great article!

  • Taylor Lankford
    Taylor Lankford

    I have only had success with lizards when I am sight fishing and looking for fish on their beds. I found if you put it on their bed they will strike. If the fish swims away or doesn’t stay persistent and eventually they will strile. I call it “pissing it off” method. Taught in the fish enough to get a strike.

    • Trey Bargar
      Trey Bargar

      If you get bait on its bed, it will strike out of protection of the bed and/or eggs. If you don’t have a hook you can watch the fish strike it then move it off of the bed and spit it out(or removing the intruder). Great way to catch fish, just make sure to set the hook!

  • Chuck Millsap
    Chuck Millsap

    I fish lizards in the shallows, the dense grasses and have caught some of the biggest bass of my life. I first flip it out there with extra flop to excite or let its presence known then retrieve quickly. Then it do the exact thing with a slow jigging motion. Works every time if there are bass present.

  • William Gravis
    William Gravis

    Went to Toledo Bend this past weekend and the fish where hitting a zoom brush hog, watermelon seed with a garlic chartreuse dipped tail.

  • Josh galeai
    Josh galeai

    Love this post I need to try an use some lizards I have bass making beds in my pond right now so this might be a great time to try it.

  • Preston Giardina
    Preston Giardina

    To me honestly lizards really come in handy when bed fishing, they are just like the crawl, and give the bass a sense of danger on there bed by there presentation, looks, aggressiveness, and really cause that key strike we all love. So to me lizards are a great bait to use on beds!

  • dalton danielson
    dalton danielson

    i’ve not had a lot of luck on lizards because i can’t get the hook set right. i think it might have to do with the way the fish strikes it, but i’ve had problems with rigging my lizards right to make the look more real, i think ill just stick to a fluke, crank, spinner bait, jigs, sinkos, ext…

  • Kathy

    I have not had any luck fishing with the lizards not even a bite or strike and I live in Southern California but I do get bites on the Frog

  • Jabari Kelly
    Jabari Kelly

    Great article! I’ve caught quite a few bass on lizards, but I think that was more luck than skill! Now that I’ve read this article, I feel more confident about using lizards. I really appreciate the point about presentation as it relates to the water temperature! Thanks!

  • Scott Morris
    Scott Morris

    For myself I started fishing with a lizard and use to use it every time I went fishing no matter what. I have found that the best time is in the spring when they are spawning. One of the biggest predators to fish eggs and fry aren’t just other fish but lizards/newts. When sight seeing this past tournament i was flipping a lizard into stumps and brush knowing that some Largemouth maybe bedded in them. I’ve always Texas rigged my lizards! Good luck to everyone their next time out fishing!

  • Adrian miles
    Adrian miles

    Great post have only had little to no luck with lizards gonna give this a try hopefully land a hog. Thanks yall!!!!!

  • Kelly nwachukwu
    Kelly nwachukwu

    Put your finger on the line as you reel in to make it have a quick slither and the bass go crazy. Works with crank baits too

  • Brady

    I have had luck on lizards before but for what ever reason catfish will also go after them so be careful fishing deep waters

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