Sight Fishing Tips

Here are the top 7 sight fishing tips to help land more bass!

  1. Wear polarized sunglasses
    -They don’t need to be expensive Oakley’s. Be reasonable and grab a pair you wont mind losing… It will happen, I promise.
  2. If you’re in a boat, minimize how much you use the trolling motor.
    -For obvious reasons, it’s going to stir up the water and make sight fishing impossible!
  3. Never let your shadow get in front of you.
    It will spook the Bass. Try to keep the sun in front of you so the shadow stays out of where you’ll be casting.
  4. When you find a bed, don’t cast right on top of it.
    Cast just past the bed and ease your way into it.
  5. Watch the behavior of the bass.
    If the bass is angled down looking straight at the bait then they’re ready to bite! If they swim off, it means it’s time to down size or grab a more threatening creature bait.
  6. Look deep for the bigger bass.
    When you can only see a shimmer down below, that usually produces larger bass, especially during the spawn.
  7. Keep a safe distance!!!
    You don’t need to be directly above the fish to catch it. The further away, the better!
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