Simple Fishing RLM Box | June 2017

Simple Fishing RLM Unboxing

Simple Fishing is Canada’s leading subscription commerce company in the fishing industry, helping hundreds of anglers discover new lures in a fun, exciting, and affordable way. Perfect if you are just starting out or an advanced angler, they have something for each and every angler type out there. We’ve been trying out Simple Fishing’s Random Lure of the Month Box the past few months now, and wanted to share this months box with you. Plus, we’ll tell you how you can get $10 OFF your first box!

What’s In The Box

The June box this year included four different types of soft plastic baits.

Simple Fishing's RLM Box June

The Combat Jigs: Hellfire

MSRP: $5.22

package of orange combat crappie jigs

Hellfire was designed with panfish enthusiasts in mind. Measures 2.25″ from head to stinger and also is adjustable to 1.25″ by ripping at each rib. Throw it on a jig head, drop shot or even a split-shot rig. The bait has proven to catch multiple species in both freshwater and saltwater from largemouth bass, trout and even barracuda!

orange crappie jig

The Xzone Lures: 5″ True Center Stick

MSRP: $4.99

Package of wacky fishing worms

The X Zone Pro-Series True Center Stick is a super salty, super soft stickbait infused with our X Zone Scent Formula, creating the taste and feel that make fish hold on longer allowing you more time to feel the bite and set the hook!

The X Zone True Center Stick has the unique marked “WACKY ZONE” area which is in the exact center of the stick to allow for perfectly balanced wacky rigging every time! The raised ribbed body design allows more vibration creating a very subtle life-like action that even highly pressured fish can’t resist. You can Texas-rig it, wacky rig it, pitch it into heavy cover or throw it weightless.plastic fishing stick worm

The Bondy Bait Company: 3.5″ Bonds Perch

MSRP: $7.99

Package of plastic fishing shad lures

The Bondy Bait Company was originally created for those avid Musky and Walleye anglers, but has since created the Bondy Perch. The Bondy Perch is a smaller version of their original Bondy Bait and was developed to catch Bass. It’s a shad like mold, but what really makes this bait stand out is the weight. This baby sinks, and sinks fast. Perfect for drop shot jigging in dark murky waters where you need to create a lot of disturbance  to catch the attention of those largemouths.

Plastic Shad

Fanatic Baits: Dagger Active

MSRP: $3.99

Package of fishing worms

The Fanatik Dagger Active is a soft plastic designed to catch all predatory fish. Containing only natural unique flavor additives extracted from pond waters this bait is sure to keep a fish on. These baits are put to the test by Ukraine’s top sports fisherman, world champion Purity Petrash.

Ribbed Ribbon Tail Worm


The great thing about the RLM Box is that you get a chance to sample several different baits each month for a low cost. Value-wise, it also makes sense. The Overall actual product value in this box was $22.19, not including taxes that you would pay at the store. Here in Missouri that would tack on an additional $2. Considering this box only costs you $19.75 you’ll be saving nearly $4.50 each month! Adding to the savings, we’re  giving you $10 off your first box if you use code: HHF. Not too shabby, plus, now you’ll get to play with some new toys every dang month! How do you put a price on that! If you’d like to win this package of lures, click here!

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